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I Am EnduraMan

Endurance Athlete

Brian Kondas is EnduraMan, endurance athlete from Central Florida. He finished the Spartan Stadion 5K with 20 obstacles at the Raymond James Stadium faster than last year.

David's Daring Escape book cover

David’s Daring Escape

The story of David’s adventures on the Daring Escape show, his passionate romance with Sophia, and their race against Hunter, the Axe Man. Read the book David’s Daring Escape.

Race Experience

Courage and Endurance

Find the courage to explore the depths of endurance and dare to go farther and faster. Discover your courage by entering races that challenge you. Then, prove your bravery by pushing your physical limits and embracing the suck!

Training at lower intensity most of the time allows you to endure longer distances. Consequently, you can improve your endurance and break through mileage barriers. Prove yourself right – you can go the distance!

Endurance Training

Obstacle Courses

Brian ran his first Tough Mudder on December 2, 2023. Get answers to Tough Mudder FAQs and watch video highlights of his obstacle experiences.

Spartan obstacle course races (OCR) are the hardest and most competitive. My last race was the Spartan 5K Stadion at Raymond James in Tampa, FL on Saturday, May 13, 2023. Earlier on February 26, 2023, I ran a Spartan 10K race in Jacksonville, FL.

Last year, on December 10, 2022, I ran my first Spartan Beast 21K race in Florida and achieved my goal of finishing in under 3 hours. Nine months earlier, I ran my first Spartan Super 10K race in Georgia.

Obstacle Course Experience