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10 Mile Run

0 Mile Run at John Chestnut Park

Today is week 11 of an 18-week sub-4-hour marathon training plan, and this morning I start a 10 mile run. It’s 10:23 AM, and the weather is sunny and cool at 63 degrees F. I park my Nissan Leaf all-electric vehicle near the trials in John Chestnut Sr. Park. Stepping out of the driver’s seat, I grab my GoPro 7 Black camera on iSteady gimbal. Then I record the video introduction wearing my EnduraRun headband.

Fueling for a Long Run

Often I have a very light breakfast before my Sunday long runs. For example, a banana and water. However, today I eat a hearty breakfast. I cook three scrambled eggs, two slices of whole-grain toast and top with cream cheese, and a large mug of coffee with milk and dextrose.

To prepare for the run, I fill up two 8-ounce bottles of G-Endurance drink and about 18 additional ounces in a large bottle. My 10 mile run fueling plan is to consume 8-ounces every 2 miles. Next, I put a Fitletic hydration belt around my waist and holster the two 8-ounce bottles.

Two hours after eating breakfast, I transport my fuel to John Chestnut Park. It’s a short 10-minute drive from my house.

Running at John Chestnut Park

I like running on the trails at John Chestnut Park in Palm Harbor, FL. Since I’m 48 years old, protecting my joints is a priority. The soft gravel trails and boardwalks lower the impact on my joints, especially on a 10 mile run. Do you know Kenyans, the world’s fastest long-distance runners, train on dirt roads? Discover the Kenyan running style.

What I also like about John Chesnut Park are the tall mature trees. Florida can be very hot and humid, and the shade from the trees is a cool relief. It’s also very convenient to have restrooms throughout the park. What I like best about John Chesnut Park is the wildlife.

I often see wild deer in the woodlands. Running through the tails and boardwalks, I see squirrels dash and jump to nearby trees. Today, I see a large grey heron standing on the edge of a lake and a baby alligator on a log in the water.

10 Mile Run at John Chestnut Park

0 Mile Run at John Chestnut Park

The first two miles feel good, and I drink 8 ounces of G-endurance. Over the next two miles, I feel tightness in my left IT band and glute. However, after drinking another 8 ounces at mile 4, the pain is gone. I just needed to run a few miles to warm up.

I refueled my two 8-ounce bottles in my car and headed out for another six miles. At the end of the 10 mile run, I feel strong. My average pace is 10:35 per mile, and my average heart rate is only 120 bpm. I finish this easy training run in 1 hour and 46 minutes.

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