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2022 Victory! Half Marathon PR

Brian Kondas 2022 Victory Half Marathon PR

Having completed a 15-week 80/20 Half Marathon Training Plan, I achieved my half marathon PR victory on November 11, 2022.

The race starts at 7 AM with a beautiful St. Petersburg, FL sunrise. Wearing my Garmin Forerunner 55 watch, I discover my pace is too fast in the first mile. Consequently, I slow down and allow many runners to pass me.

The weather feels comfortable at 70 degrees F. I set my Garmin’s PacePro Strategy to negative splits. As a result, my pace will get progressively faster throughout the race.

Half Marathon Mile Split Times

My ambitious goal is to run 13.1 miles in 1:49:00. This would be an advanced male half marathon performance. It would be a significant jump from my previous best at 1:52:11 at the Clearwater Running Festival.

As you can see from my mile split times below, I was on pace for a 1:49:00 finish through mile 8. At mile 9, I slowed my pace. I felt my heart rate would rise above my threshold heart rate (153 bpm), and I could not maintain that pace for the next four miles.

Mile SplitPlanned SplitActual Split
13 (1.11 miles)9:0310:06

Fastest and Slowest Miles

The eighth mile is my fastest, and I run it at an 8:10 pace. The photo below shows me at 8.5 miles.

Brian Kondas 2022 Half Marathon PR
Brian Kondas runs a new half marathon PR wearing bib number 1441.

As I reach the 9th mile, my pace slows to 8:29. After stopping at the mile-9 aid station and drinking water and Gatorade, I do not have the energy to maintain my Garmin’s 8:16 pace.

Then I slow my pace even more. Mile 10 is my slowest at 8:50 pace.

Half Marathon PR

In the twelfth and final mile, I push hard, increasing my pace. I run at 8:14, my second fastest pace.

With only a final tenth of a mile, I run as fast as I can. As I cross the finish line, the most I can muster is:

  • Cadence 160
  • Heart Rate 161
  • Pace 7:25
st pete run fest 2022 brian kondas results

I achieve a new half marathon PR of 1:51:12. Also, I accomplish seven #1 peak performances during this 13.1-mile race. Learn more about my racing experience and half marathon peak performances.

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