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5K Dog Race at Starkey Park 2023

5K Dog Race at Starkey Park

My dog Juliet runs her first 5K dog race, Barking Trees at Starkey Park, on Saturday, May 20, 2023.

Free Parking at Starkey Park

Many races charge you for parking, but at Starkey Park you pay nothing. After entering the park, I was directed on to the grass and parked my car. I arrived about 7:30 AM and the lot was filling up.

Race Pack Pick Up

First, my dog Juliet and I walk to the education center to pick up our racing pack. She pulls hard and wants to run. I firmly hold the lease and stop her from dashing.

As we approach the Kiosk, I start to jog with her. A man with a beard looks at us and says, “That’s not fair.” Referring to my fast dog, a German Shorthaired Pointer, I smile. Then we arrive at the education center.

Barking Trees Race registration lady asks for my last name. She looks me up on her computer and confirms, “Your in the 5K dog race?” I respond, “Yes.” She did not ask for my photo ID.

Pinning Race Bibs

Juliet and I both got racing bibs and t-shirts. First, I pinned my bib number 269 to my shirt. Then I dressed Juliet in her t-shirt and pinned on her bib. With only several minutes until the race starts, we arrived ready to race.

5K Race Start

Recording on my GoPro, Juliet and I walked around greeting the other dogs. Then a young guy comes running through to finish his race. At 8 AM the 5K runners without dogs prepare to race. Three, two, one and with a loud horn they’re off!

A few minutes later 5K runners with dogs assemble. Juliet and I walk to the front of the start line. Then with the sound of a horn we’re off!

5K Dog Race

We start running the 5K dog race on pavement. Juliet is one of the lead dogs until she stops on the grass and takes a dump. A minute later we’re sprinting down the path,

We pass runners with and without dogs. Then we reach the first water station. Juliet lays down in a baby pool to cool herself. A minute later we’re sprinting again.

At every water station, Juliet stops and takes a dip in the baby pool. Also, I squeeze my water bottle to fill the attached cup and offer it to Juliet. She drinks it and the pool water.

Watch the video and see Juliet win her first 5K dog race.

Race Results

Unfortunately, the 5K runners with and without dogs are NOT separated in the race results. Juliet won her first 5K dog race beating the dalmation puppy by four seconds. Congrats to Juliet she is six years old.

5k dog race results brian kondas

In our official race results, we placed fifth overall out of 94 runners with a chip time of 26:08. Even with all the rest stops our average pace was still 8:26.

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