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7 Mile Progressive Steady State Run

7 Mile Steady State Training R

What is a progressive steady state run? It’s a run that progresses from a slow pace to a faster pace. For example, a 7-mile run can start with a two-mile warm-up run at a slow pace. Then you progress to a medium pace for the next three miles. Finally, you increase to a fast pace for the last two miles.

In general, steady-state training improves aerobic fitness. For instance, running a couple of miles at a consistent cadence (stride) improves the endurance of your legs and heart muscles by enhancing blood circulation. Furthermore, running at progressively faster paces increase fatigue resistance at these running speeds.

Heart Rate Training Zones

I use a Polar H10 heart rate (HR) chest monitor with blue-tooth sync to my Polar Vantage M watch. Polar Heart Rate Zones include:

  • Zone 1 (very light intensity) 50% – 60% of HR max
  • Zone 2 (light intensity) 60% – 70% of HR max
  • Zone 3 (moderate intensity) 70% – 80% of HR max
  • Zone 4 (hard intensity) 80% – 90% of HR max
  • Zone 5 (maximum intensity) 90% – 100% of HR max

During my 7-mile progressive steady-state run, most of my training intensity is in zone 3. My heart rate never exceeded 89% of HR max. Thus, I never entered HR zone 5. My percentage in each HR zone:

  • 1% in zone 1
  • 22% in zone 2 (2 miles)
  • 53% in zone 3 (3 miles)
  • 24% in zone 4 (2 miles)

My Progressive Steady State Run

My run started at 9:27 AM on Thanksgiving day 2021. I’m wearing a hydration belt with two 8oz bottles of G-endurance and have an Huma Chia energy gel. After running for 14 minutes, I drink the first bottle.

At 30-minutes I consume the Cafe Moch gel with 50 mg of caffeine. Then at 45-minutes, I drink the last bottle of G-endurance. My nutrition intake:

  • 310 mg of sodium
  • 93 mg of potassium
  • 47 grams of carbs

After running five miles, I feel good. So I pick up the pace and run the final two miles in heart rate zone 4. My average heart rate for this 7-mile progressive steady state run is 129 bpm, and my average pace is 10:10 min/mile. Finally, my total run time is 1:12:23.

This training run is in preparation for my third half-marathon race on January 30, 2022, at the Clearwater Running Festival.

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