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80/20 Half Marathon Training Plan Review

Brian Kondas 80-20 Training Plan Review

80/20 Training Plan Review

A review of my first completed 15-week 80/20 Running Half Marathon Level 2 training plan. I purchased this heart-rate based plan from Training Peaks ($49.95) and annual TP premium subscription ($119).

  • Training Dates: 8/1/2022 to 11/12/2022
  • Average Weekly Distance: 30.8 miles
  • Total Completed Distance: 463 miles
  • Total Completed Duration: 80 hours and 59 minutes
  • Average Pace: 10:30 per mile

My Training Compliance

Did I comply 100% with the training plan?


In the first month, I missed 7 days. My weekly training days alternated from 5 days to 6 days per week. I missed four interval workouts (fartleks and hill repetitions), and three foundation runs.

In the second month, I missed 5 days. I consistently ran 6 days per week. The training runs I skipped included four foundation and two interval runs.

In the third month, I missed 7 days. In weeks 10, 11, and 13, I missed two days, running 5 days per week. However, in week 12, I ran all 7 days. The training I missed included two long runs, four intervals, and one foundation run.

In the final two weeks, I only missed 1 day in week 14, a foundation run.

Training Days

The 15-week 80/20 Running Half Marathon Level 2 training plan has 99 planned training days and only 6 days off. In total, I completed 89 training days. So my training compliance is 90%.

On average, I ran 5.2 miles per training day. Over this 3.5 month training plan I trained an average of 6 days per week (5.2 avg. miles per day/30.8 avg. miles per week).

New Threshold Heart Rate

After 6 weeks of heart rate training, I ran the PB&J 5K, and achieved a new 5K PR. In the final sprint to the finish, I accerlated to an amazing 4:20 pace (13.9 mph) and a peak heart rate of 172 bpm. As a result, Training Peaks updated my threshold heart rate to 153 bpm.

For the next 9 weeks, my heart rate training zones (beats per minute) increased. Thus, my training became harder as I ran faster to maintain higher heart rates.

Peak Paces by Distance

Three weeks after running in higher threshold heart rate zones, I achieved a 5 mile peak pace of 8:38. On the same day, October 18, 2022, I also ran a 10 kilometer peak pace of 8:49. Surprisingly, this peak performance was achieved on a one-hour foundation run in heart-rate zone 2.

80/20 Training Pace Comparisons

On September 17, 2022, my 5K PB&J race result created a new threshold heart rate. After the 80/20 training plan confirmed my new peak heart-rate, my average pace increased.

For the 5-mile distance, my pace went from a peak of 9:35 (September 12) to almost a minute faster 8:38 (October 18). In the 10-kilometer distance (6.2 miles), my pace also quickened. It went from a peak of 9:53 on August 9 to over a minute faster at 8:49 on October 18.

80/20 Training Peak Performances

Two weeks before the St Pete Run Fest 2022 Half Marathon, on Saturday October 29, I ran a half-marathon pace training run. As a final dress rehearsal, the 80/20 training plan was to warm-up for 3 km, run race pace for 13 km, then cool-down for 3 km. The planned distance was 11.8 miles. However, I ran 12 miles, making it my longest training run.

My training peak performances:

  • 10 Miles in 1:33:48 (9:23 min/mi pace)
  • 60 Minute Peak Heart Rate 146 bpm
  • 90 Minute Peak Heart Rate 143 bpm

I ran these peak performances on the trails at John Chesnut Park in 81 degree afternoon heat. These accomplishments were performed by Brian Kondas, a 48-year-old man.

Time in Heart Rate Zones

When I combine heart rate zones 1 and 2, the percentage is 76.3%. In other words, I spent 64 hours and 25 minutes training at low intensity heart rates.

16.6% of the time, I trained in moderate heart rate zone 3. The remaining percentage, 7.1%, was high-intensity heart rate zones 4 (5.46%) and 5 (1.65%).

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