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About Us


EnduraRun is the official blog of Enduraman. He takes courageous action to test his physical limits. Daring to run further and faster, he challenges himself to discover what’s possible.

This fitness blog shares the journey of a brave runner who seeks self-discovery. Read his stories on running obstacle courses, race experiences, and endurance training.


Brian Kondas has written the following eBooks:

  1. The Brave Marathon Man – A Memoir of Endurance and Finishing Strong!
  2. My First Marathon Surviving Dehydration – A Short Memoir with Photos

Compare your running performance and discover world records in the eBook:

Discover The Average Triathlete and how you can swim, bike, and run FASTER. Brian finished his first Olympic triathlon faster than the average male at the age of 50.

Brian has written the following EnduraMan eBooks:

Most recently, he wrote his first fiction short story, David’s Daring Escape.


Brian trains and competes in long-distance running events, including 5K, Half, and Marathon races. He also runs obstacle courses. Check his upcoming events.

Running Distances

EnduraRun organizes the running blog by the following race distances: