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Box Jumps for Runners

Box Jumps for Runner

Box jumps can help runners finish faster in their next race.

Box Jump FAQs

What is a box jump?

The box jump is a plyometric exercise. You perform a box jump by jumping with both feet from the ground to the top of the box.

How high are box jumps?

Typical heights for box jumps include 20, 24, and 30 inches.

When to do box jumps?

Since box jumps require explosive power, it’s best to begin box jumping at the start of your workout.

Where to perform box jumps?

Position the box in a location that gives you plenty of headroom. Before you perform the box jump, stand up on it and make sure your head does not hit anything.

Correct Jumping Position

You need to give yourself enough space to swing your arms as you jump. Stand 12 to 18 inches away from the box and swing your arms. For very tall people, you may need to step back even farther. You are far enough away if your swinging hands do not hit the box.

For the most power, position your body as follows:

  • Feet shoulder-width apart
  • Bend knees over toes
  • Arms swing behind your hips

Box Jump Technique

To get maximum jump height, you need to time your jump as your arms swing forward. As you launch from the ground with both feet, your body flies up and on top of the box.

Land on the box with both feet. If you have to low-squat the landing, the box is too high. The correct box height allows you to land in a similar position as you started.

Why Box Jumps for Runners?

Whenever you sprint, you need maximum power. Long-distance endurance runners may need to accelerate quickly at the end of the race. Sometimes winning and losing comes down to the last few seconds. Box jumps can give you the needed power to finish fast.

Jumping and Running

Box jumping is an athletic movement that starts and ends with you standing on your feet. Many athletes especially runners can benefit from box jumps. Running is essentially alternating one-legged jumps.

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