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Heart Rate Training

Brian Kondas running

From experience, I’ve learned that my heart rate increases in hot temperatures. I run in 90-degree heat in Palm Harbor, Florida. At age 4, I’m training for my first half-marathon race. This heart rate training run is 45 minutes.

  • Ten-minute warmup light-intensity heart rate in Zone 2 (under 121 bpm)
  • Thirty minutes moderate heart rate (121 – 138 bpm)
  • Five-minute cool-down (under 121 bpm).

How to Calculate Your Moderate-Intensity Heart Rate

You can calculate your moderate-intensity heart rate (HR) using the Polar HR system: 70-80% of Max HR. First, calculate your Maximum Heart Rate using the formula: 220 – age. For example, my age is 47. So my Max HR is 220 – 47 = 173 bpm. Thus, my moderate-intensity heart rate is 173 * .70 = 121 bpm on the low end and 173 * .80 = 138 bpm on the high end.

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