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Clearwater Beach Bridge Training Run

Clearwater Beach Bridge Training Run

Video shows Brian Kondas running Clearwater beach bridges on a 9.27-mile training run. Running up steep ascents slows my pace and raises my heart rate. During the run, my average heart rate (HR) is 143 bpm (HR zone 4). The weather condition is windy with intermittent drizzle. My total running time is 1 hour 33 minutes. Thus, my average pace is 10 minutes per mile.

Parking and Route

I park at Sand Key Park, and the cost is $5 by credit card. You have access to restrooms and the beach. The route takes you North up a bridge to Clearwater Beach. You run through the downtown area and turn right at Pier 60. Then you run East up a second bridge over the intercostal waterway.

I took the circling descent to the lower street and turned around to ascend back up the circle. The numbers on the map mark the miles. This Clearwater beach bridge training run is for my upcoming half marathon on January 30, 2022.

Clearwater Beach Bridge Training Run Map

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