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Courtney Campbell Causeway Beach

Tampa Bay Sunset

In the video, Brian shows you where to start your 10K run at Courtney Campbell Causeway Beach in Clearwater, FL. Watch the video of Brian running on the Courtney Campbell Trail. Discover the 3.1-mile marker to turn around, and enjoy scenic views of the Clearwater sunset, palm trees, and Tampa Bay.

Beautiful Water Views

If you want beautiful water views, Courtney Campbell Causeway is the place to go. There is little shade, so I recommend you go at sunset to lower your UV exposure. Also, it can get quite hot, so bring water to hydrate.

Clearwater to Tampa

The causeway connects Clearwater (West) and Tampa (East). The trail is reported to be 9.5 miles. My GPS watch shows it closer to 8 miles.

Beaches and Restrooms

The beach on the Clearwater side of the Causeway has no restrooms. It’s called Courtney Causeway Beach. However, Ben T Davis Beach on the Tampa side of the Causeway does have restrooms.

Beach and Causeway Parking

The city charges for parking at the beach. However, you can park on the Causeway for free.

Ream Wilson Trail

On the Clearwater side of the Causeway, you can cross over to the North side. Then take Bayshore Blvd North a mile to Ream Wilson Trail just before Cooper Bayou Park.

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