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David’s Daring Escape

David loves his dog, Juliet. Unfortunately, she escapes from a dog park, runs into the forest, and gets shot and killed by a hunter. After the loss, he makes a resolution to buy a home with a fenced backyard. However, to purchase the property, he needs at least $50,000.

David is an athletic guy who competes in obstacle course races and solves escape rooms. When he sees the Daring Escape show is offering a $50,000 prize, he registers to be a contestant.

This is the story of David’s adventures on the Daring Escape show. In the first two stages, he must escape before time expires. Using his athletic and problem-solving skills, he escapes strange and dangerous rooms. Then, his adventure continues outdoors with his teammate, Sophia. Together, they ascend a rocky mountain, climb wet and muddy terrain, and traverse through a cold river.

After successfully completing the first two stages, David and Sophia spend a passionate night in a cabin. The next morning, having formed a romantic relationship, they must compete against a savage killer.

In the final stage, they descend into the depths of Cassidy Canyon and race to escape the reach of the Axe Man. Buy this ebook on Amazon.

David's Daring Escape book cover