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Discover Caladesi Island 5K

Double Race Weekend

Discover Caladesi Island 5K on February 10, 2024, is my first beach race. Before the race, I meet Leo, the organizer of open-water swimming events and some fast 5K runners.

In the 5K beach race video, I meet two competitive male runners. First, I introduce myself to Andres and discover we both haven’t run a 5K beach race before. Then, I greet David, a confident runner who positioned himself at the front of the start.

During the race, I talk with a fast female named Janae. Watch the video for my race experience.

Beach Running

I wear my new Karhu trail shoes for better traction running in the sand. Also, I have gaiters wrapped around the top and sides of my shoes to prevent sand from entering. From my beach running experience, the shoe gaiters work.

The course is 1.55 miles out and back with a 180-degree hairpin turn-around. During the run, Janae says she saw dolphins in the water. However, I didn’t see any.

The photo shows the race starts at Pier 60 in Clearwater Beach, Florida.

Caladesi Island 5K Start in 2024

5K Race Stats

In this 5K race, I start fast at 7:22 (4:35 min/km). Then, I run as hard as possible to keep my speed. After the turnaround, my pace slows slightly to 7:30 (4:40 min/km).

Around mile 2, Janae pulls away as my pace continues to slow. In mile 3, I’m running 7:49 min/mi or 4:51 min/km.

During the 5K race, my heart rate is in Zone 5 (above 163 bpm) for almost half the race at 13:36. For nearly a third of the race, my heart rate is in Zone 4 (158 – 163).

MilePace (min/mi)Avg Heart Rate

Discover Caladesi Island 5K Results

The first male competitor I met before the race, Andres, age 32, won 1st in his age group with a time of 22:12. The second runner I met before the race, David Chen, age 27, won 3rd overall male at 21:29. Janae, the lady I ran with during the race won 2nd overall female at 22:53.

I won 3rd in Masters, finishing at 23:25. All the top finishers received a purple mug. I ran with maximum effort and increased my heart rate threshold from 155 bpm to 156 bpm.

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