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EnduraMan Fitness Test

EnduraMan Fitness Test Book

Take the EnduraMan Fitness Test and discover who is fitter– you or the 50-year-old who wrote this book.

The EnduraMan Fitness Test measures two types of endurance: aerobic and strength. It includes ten total endurance tests: five aerobic and five strength.

To score points in the aerobic endurance tests, you must run certain distances within minimum time standards. Also, the faster you can run, the more points you can score.

In strength endurance tests, you must perform as many repetitions as possible and hold specific isometric exercises for maximum time. To score points, you must achieve the minimum reps and hold times. The more reps you can do and the longer you can hold, the more points you can score.

The higher your test scores, the higher your EnduraMan class. Author Brian Kondas is a Class 4 Competitive Enduraman. What EnduraMan class are you?

  • Level 1 – Average
  • Level 2 – Good
  • Level 3 – Advanced
  • Level 4 – Competitive
  • Level 5 – Superior

Do you have what it takes to be an EnduraMan? I dare you to take the test and discover your EnduraMan class. Then you’ll know if you’re fitter than a 50-year-old.