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Challenge Your Endurance

Tampa Bay 8-Mile Run

Courtney Campbell Causeway
Courtney Campbell Causeway bridge

8-Mile Trail & Bridge Run

Take the 8-mile Courtney Campbell Trail and Bridge Run challenge. We recommend you end the run in Tampa because you will have access to paved parking lots and restrooms. Have a partner or transportation service drop you off at the Courtney Campbell Causeway Beach in Clearwater, FL.

Start your 8-mile challenge at Dr. Kiran C Patel Blvd, running East on the causeway trail towards Tampa, FL.

Sunset Causeway Bridge
Courtney Campbell Pedestrian Bridge

Courtney Campbell Bridge

At about the halfway point (4.2 miles), you will begin your ascent up the Courtney Campbell pedestrian bridge. The top of the bridge is 45 feet above the water and spans 230 feet. Enjoy scenic views of Tampa Bay.

Woman Running Sunset Shilouette
Woman finishes the 8-mile run at sunset.

The 8-mile Finish Line

You will pass Ben T Davis Beach and Whiskey Joe’s Bar & Grill in Tampa, FL. Finally, you finish the run at Bay Harbour Drive. You will see signs for Godfrey Hotel and WTR Pool and Grill.