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Falling Down While Running

Falling Down While Running palms of hands damge

During the last long run of my sub 4 hour marathon training and while running on a gravel trail, I trip on a root and fall down. As my body lunges forward, I quickly extend both of my arms. Then, bracing for impact, I open my hands and hit the ground on the palms of my hands. The small rocks lacerate my skin.

Laying on my chest, the Garmin Forerunner 55 detects my fall. The watch beeps, and I see it attempting to connect to my phone. However, I am not running with a phone. 

Enduring the Pain

I stand up and look at my bloody palms. I clear the emergency message on my Garmin watch. Unfortunately, the six-mile training program has disappeared, so I start jogging forward and feel pain in my hands.

After a short jog, I stop and search the Garmin watch for the “quality session.” However, the training plan for today is gone. So instead, I find a similar 6-mile easy run and start again.

After running for a minute, I check my Garmin watch. Then, I notice I have forgotten to start the training program. So, I press the start button, and the Garmin watch begins recording.

As I run, I feel pain on the skin of my right hip. I take a quick look and see scraps and blood. I continue running and formulate a plan to clean my wounds.

Falling Down While Running right hip scrap Brian Kondas
Right hip of Brian Kondas

Cleaning My Wounds

At John Chestnut Park, I stop at a restroom. With soap and water, I wash my hands and right hip. Then I rinse off the soapy water. 

After finishing the 6.72-mile easy run, I drive home. As I enter the shower, the water contacts the skin of my right hip, and it stings! However, the pain goes away within a few minutes of washing, and I feel good. 

Exiting the shower, I dry myself with a bath towel. Then, I put some antibacterial ointment on my wounds.

Falling down while running can happen to anyone – when it does, get back up and continue your run.

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