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Finishing St Pete Run Fest

Winner Finishing St Pete Run Fest

After finishing my second half marathon, I received a St Pete Run Fest medal, a tall aluminum can of “Liquid Death – Mountain Water,” and a banana. As I slowly walk, I drink the water and eat the banana. I see finishers taking selfies with their mobile phones.

Then I walk over to the porta-potty to relieve my full bladder. Next, I head over to the Kahwa Coffee and give them a ticket from my bib. They hand me a small coffee and I add cream and sugar.

Then I get in a short line at Outback and get a bowl of medium raw steak sliced into cubes. I walk over to a high table, put down my bowl and coffee, and eat and drink while standing.

Next, I enter a long line that offers a variety of food and drinks. While I wait, I have a chat with an older lady. Then someone walking around with a food platter gives me a bowl of white rice with curry chicken.

As I go through the line, I pack my waist pouch with bars and gels and fill up my bottles with a cold carbonated drink. Then I pick up and eat a couple of cookies and get a small sample of Brut Rosa champagne.

I walk to the end of the Athlete’s Village and give them an alcohol ticket and get a can cold can of mimosas. After quickly drinking it, I walk to the Back to Normal Physical Therapy.

Free Stretch and Massage

The best part of finishing the St Pete Run Fest is getting your free body stretch and massage. Using a tablet, I enter my name and email. Then I immediately get a free lower body stretch.

First, I lay back down on the massage table. The therapist stretches my legs and says, “You have the flexibility of someone half your age.” I tell her I run and stretch often.

After getting my lower body stretched, I wait a few minutes until my name is called and I get a free massage.

The massagist has me lay back down and oils up my legs. We have a friendly chat as she massages my legs. Then I flip over on my stomach and she massages my legs, glutes, and lower back.

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