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30 Push Ups Speed Challenge

Brian’s 30 Push Ups Speed Record

Brian’s 30 push-ups record is 28 seconds. If you can beat Brian’s time, you can get paid $30.

If you can’t do 30 push ups in less than 28 seconds, discover more fitness challenges.

Get Paid for Push Ups

If you can do 30 push ups in 27 seconds or less, Brian will pay you $30. You will also pay you $1 for every second below 27. For example, if you complete 30 push ups in 25 seconds, you get $32.

Push-Up Speed Challenge Rules


You need the camera positioned near the ground showing the up-and-down push-up movement.


The push-up movement begins with your hands on the ground slightly more than shoulder-width apart, your legs extended with feet close together and toes on the ground. You bend your elbows so your chest moves down toward the ground. You stop when your elbows form a ninety-degree angle. Then you push up to starting position. That’s one repetition.

Video Editing

Video playback must be at normal speed. If the video looks sped up, it will not be accepted. The video must be a single continuous shot. No cuts are allowed.

Video Content

You must either say your name while showing your face or use an on-screen title.


Your push up speed challenge video must be published as a public listing on YouTube.

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