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Box Jump Challenge

Brian’s Box Jump Record

Brian’s standing box jump record is 30 inches. Jump higher than Brian to get paid. You can’t jump that high, discover more fitness challenges.

Get Paid For Box Jump

If you can jump 31 inches, Brian will pay you $31. He will also pay you $1 for each additional inch you can jump over 31 inches. For example, jump 36 inches, and Brian pays you $31 + $5 for a total of $36.

Box Jump Challenge Rules


One camera must be placed near the side of the box. It must show you standing next to the box and then jumping on top of the box. The side of the box facing the camera must be clearly marked with the box height. Otherwise, a closeup of a measuring tape must be recorded that proves the box height.


First, you stand next to the box. Then on ground that is level with the box, you jump up and land on the box. For a successful jump, both feet must land on top of the box, and you must stand up on the box for at least two seconds.

Video Editing

The video must be a single continuous shot. No cuts allowed.

Video Content

Video content requires you to say your name or show an on-screen title. The video must show you standing on the ground, jumping, landing on top of the box, and standing up.


You must publish your box jump challenge video as a public listing on YouTube.

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