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Dead Hang Challenge

Brian’s Dead Hang Record

Brian’s dead hang record is 2:22. How long can you hang? Adults (age 18+) who can beat Brian’s record can get paid.

If you can’t hang for more than two minutes and twenty-two seconds, discover different fitness challenges.

Get Paid to Hang

If you can dead hang for 2 minutes and 23 seconds, Brian will pay you $100. He will also pay you a dollar for every additional second. For example, if you dead hang for 2:30, you get paid $107.

Dead Hang Challenge Rules


You need a camera that shows you hanging from a bar and your feet off the ground.


The dead hang movement starts with your hands holding the bar and your legs and feet hanging freely. The time stops when your hands leave the bar, and you fall to the ground.

Video Editing

The video must be a continuous shot. No cuts allowed. All footage must show the person hanging from a bar. Video playback must be at normal speed. We suggest you record at 24 frames per second (fps).

Video Content

In the video, you must speak your name while showing your face or use an on-screen title.


Your dead hang challenge video must be published as a public listing on YouTube.

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