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L-Sit Pull Up Challenge

Brian L-Sit Pull Up Record

Brian’s L-Sit pull up record is 7. If you can beat my record, you can get paid.

If you can’t do l-sit pull-ups or that many, discover other fitness challenges.

Get Paid for L-Sit Pull Ups

If you can do 8 l-sit pull-ups, Brian will pay you $10. He will also pay you $1 for each additional l-sit pull up over 8. For example, if you can do ten, you get $10 + $2 for a total of $12.

L-Sit Pull Up Challenge Rules


One camera must be positioned on the side of the person so that you see the person’s full body hanging from the bar. Also, the camera must be angled so that you can see beyond the top of the bar.


L-sit pull-up movement starts with arms fully extended in a straight position. Legs must be parallel to the ground before you begin pulling. The thigh and torso must maintain a 90-degree angle. Your knee may be slightly bent. Chin must rise above the bar. On the descent, elbows must bend to at least 90 degrees. The l-sit pull-up movement must be continuous. No resting.

Video Editing

The video must be one continuous shoot. No cuts. Recommend you record at 24 frames per second for natural motion blur. The playback must be at normal speed.

Video Content

You must identify yourself by name or use on-screen titles. The video must show you performing l-sit pull-ups.


You must publish your l-sit pull-up challenge video on YouTube as a public listing.

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