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Max Pull Up Challenge

Brian’s Max Pull-Up Record

Brian does 15 strict pull-ups within 60 seconds. His legs remain straight, and his chin goes above the bar on each repetition. Beat Brian, and you can get paid.

You can’t do that many pull-ups. Discover other fitness challenges.

Get Paid for Max Pull Ups

If you can do 16 pull-ups in a minute, Brian will pay you $16. He will also pay you $1 for each pull-up over 16. For example, you do 20 pull-ups, and Brian pays you $16 + $4 for a total of $20.

Max Pull Up Challenge Rules


You must record two videos simultaneously. The first camera must be placed above the pull-up bar and angled down to see your chin over the bar. The second camera must show the ground and your hanging body.


Start pull-ups hanging from the bar with your arms extended and feet off the ground. While maintaining straight legs or slightly bent, pull your body up so that your chin is over the bar. This is one repetition.

No kipping pull-ups or swinging your legs are allowed, except on your last rep. No rubber bands. No assistance of any kind. The body must hang freely without touching the ground or anything else. Only your hands and chin may contact the bar.

Video Editing

The video must play at normal speed, and the movement must look natural. We recommend you record the video at 24 frames per second (fps) for a natural motion blur. Playback that looks sped up will not be accepted.

The video must be a single continuous shot. You must sync the two videos so that when both shots are shown simultaneously, the movement matches.

Video Content

The video must show both camera angles simultaneously: the high angle from above the pull-up bar and the low angle of your hanging body. The person doing the pull-ups must identify themself by saying their name while facing the camera. Alternatively, you can use an on-screen title that identifies the person’s name.


You must publish your max pull up challenge video on YouTube as a public listing.

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