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Pull Up Speed Challenge

Brian’s Pull-Up Speed Record

Brian does twelve pull-ups in 18 seconds. If you can do a dozen pull-ups faster than Brian, you can get paid.

However, if you can’t do pull-ups that fast, discover other fitness challenges.

Get Paid for Fast Pull-Ups

If you can do 12 pull-ups in 17 seconds, Brian will pay you $12. You can also get paid $1 for every second under 17. For example, if you complete twelve pull-ups in 15 seconds, you get $14.

Pull-Up Speed Challenge Rules


You need to record videos at the same time. One camera must be placed above the bar and angled down to see your head position. Another camera must show the ground and your hanging body.


Starting position is a dead hang with your legs hanging freely and your hands holding the bar. Time begins at the moment you pull-up towards the bar. While doing pull-ups, you are allowed to swing your body (kipping motion) and can have a slight bend in the knees.

You are not allowed to use bands or have any kind of assistance. Feet must not come into contact with anything. A repetition is complete when your chin is above the bar. You must perform twelve pull-ups.

Video Editing

We recommend you record video at 24 frames per second for natural motion blur. Video must be at normal speed. If playback is sped up, it will not be accepted.

The video must be a single continuous shot. You must sync the two videos so that when both shots are shown simultaneously, the movement matches.

Video Content

The video must show two camera angles simultaneously. A high angle from above the bar and the low angle of the ground and your hanging body. The person doing the pull-ups must identify themself by saying their name while facing the camera. Otherwise, you can use an on-screen title of the person’s name.


You must publish your pull up speed challenge video on YouTube as a public listing.

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