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Halloween Night Training Run

Night run Brian Kondas

Ghosts and Graveyards

Ghost in Graveyard Halloween night training run

At 9:22 PM on October 31, 2021, I took my fourth Halloween night training run. It’s a cool 66 degrees Fahrenheit as I cross the street and see ghosts haunting the second-floor window of my neighbor’s house. I run a few blocks and pass a graveyard of headstones and skeletons.

At this witching hour, I wear a headlamp and an illuminated vest. I passed a neighbor who says I look “out of this world.” I’m feeling good running at a moderate-intensity heart rate zone 3.

After my first mile, I see a guy running with a flashlight in his hand. He raises his hand up acknowledging me as a fellow runner, and I raise my hand up in return.

No Pain Moderate-Intensity Training Run

After my first half marathon, my first easy running experience was good. Then my second moderate-intensity run ended in severe pain at mile 3. I rested for four days and my third run resulted in a painful running warmup. Finally, 14 days after my half marathon I can run at moderate intensity without pain in my left calf muscle.

My Halloween night training run is 1 hour and 5 minutes. In the first five minutes of running warm-up, I feel no pain. So, I increase my pace to heart rate zone 3. After running 3 miles at moderate intensity, I still feel no pain.

At 60 minutes, I slow down my pace to zone 2. After five minutes of cool-down, I complete my pain-free training run. My average heart rate is 123 bpm and my average pace is 11:08 min/mile.

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