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John Chesnut Park Trail Guide

Brian Kondas at John Chesnut Park trail running

John Chesnut Park is located at 2200 East Lake Road South, Palm Harbor, FL. It has Northern and Southern trails. When you drive through the entrance and stop at the first stop sign, you have three choices:

  • Drive forward (straight ahead)
  • Turn left (South)
  • Turn right (North)

If you want to leave the park, turn right. Otherwise, you enter the park by driving forward or turning left.

Boat Ramp and Observation Tower

Turning left at the first stop sign, you can launch a boat or other watercraft. You can also park at the boat ramp lot, then take the boardwalk to the observation tower.

Past the boat ramp is the Southern trails.

South Trails

The South trails have boardwalks that go to Lake Tarpon. In my video, I show you the Southern boardwalks and off-road gravel trails. I run on these trails in the video,

Middle of John Chesnut Park

Going straight past the stop sign at the entrance, you will come to a fork in the road. Go left for parking at the central playground or the dog park. Go right to pass the softball field on your right and continue to the northern trails.

North Trails

You will pass the fenced dog park on your left. Keep going straight until your go over a small bridge. You have entered the North trails. The road goes in a big loop around a lake.

The gravel trails around the Northern lake are half a mile. The boardwalks and nature trails around the perimeter are one and a half miles. Watch the John Chesnut Park Trail Run video for details.

John Chesnut Park Amenities

The park has many picnic shelters (13) with grills open to the public. You can also find picnic tables and swinging benches throughout the park, as well as restrooms. Playgrounds are located in the central and northern parts of the park. You can also find a beach volleyball court in the North.

The park is open from 7 AM to sunset all year except the day after Thanksgiving and December 25.

Trail Running

I recommend the North Trails because I like the water views.

Running on the shady trails at John Chestnut Park keeps you cool. Discover five ways to cool yourself in the summer months.

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