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My First Marathon Surviving Dehydration

My First Marathon

In this memoir, I tell a story of running my first marathon and surviving dehydration. I’m an athletic man, age 48, who made a New Year’s resolution to run a marathon. When I registered for the Buffalo Marathon, the longest I had run was a half marathon. Yet, I dared to double this distance and run 26.2 miles!

Days before the marathon, I tour downtown Buffalo, New York, and the awe-inspiring Niagara Falls. The memoir includes photos of the Niagara river and the famous Horseshoe Falls.

On race day, I find the courage to carry two liters of Gatorade, an iPhone, a GoPro camera, and six Spring energy gels. My audacious plan is to run a sub-4-hour marathon with a seven-pound pack and drink only two liters.

In the first half of the marathon, I meet Shannon, a young female age 26. Then, I discover we share the same personal record of 1 hour 52 minutes. Together we zoom past many runners. As Shannon finishes her half marathon, I have 13.1 miles to go.

Throughout the marathon, I continue to restrict my fluid intake. As a result, my pace slows with each passing mile. Finally, dehydration destroys my dream of a sub-4-hour marathon.

With sheer grit and determination, I push myself to keep going. It hurts! But I won’t stop until I finish.