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My Marathon Racing Weight

Brian Kondas My Marathon Racing Weight

The Jacksonville Marathon is just over two-weeks (17 days) away here’s my racing weight stats:

  • Weight 176 pounds
  • Height 6 feet 2 inches
  • Body Weight Index (BMI) 22.6

Using the Accu-Measure Calipers, I told a skin fold measurement of the right side of my suprailliac. The calipers measured exactly 1/4″ or 6 millimeters. Looking at the Accu-Measure chart for men and cross referencing my age 49, my body face percentage is 12.6%.

My Body Circumferences

My waist circumference at my belly button is exactly 34 inches.

New waist size: After running my first Tough Mudder 15K, my waist circumference is now 33 inches and my weight is 175.

Marathon Racing Weight Brians's waist size 33 inches

Other body circumferences include:

  • Chest 43″
  • Hips 39″
  • Shoulders 48″
  • Thighs 21″
  • Right Calf 16″
  • Left Calf 15.5″
  • Right Bicep 13.5″
  • Left Bicep 13″

My Marathon Racing Weight

My weight generally stays the same all year. I usually weigh between 173 and 178. So, I will most likely have a marathon racing weight around 175 in the next two-weeks. So, what do I eat to stay lean?

My Breakfast

Every day I eat the same breakfast:

  • Three scrambled whole eggs
  • One slice of toast with cream cheese
  • A large mug of coffee

I eat free range, blue and brown Happy Eggs. My bread is Greenwise Organic Fruit and Veggie Seeded. It’s a good source of fiber 8 grams of whole grain per slice. It made with organic carrots, apples, and bananas. I eat Philadelphia cream cheese. I mix my coffee with Nestle Carnation evaporated milk with vitamin D added, and two tablespoons of 100% pure dextrose (zero fructose). Finally, I top my eggs with medium hot salsa.

My Lunch

I eat the same lunch every day:

  • Roast beef sandwich
  • Two Bananas
  • Half a pound of pistachios
  • Water

My roast beef sandwich uses the same Greenwise Organic bread, two slices of sharp cheddar cheese, and grey poupon mustard. The pistachios are shelled with salt and pepper. Only pure filtered water.

My Dinner

My dinner changes for night to night. However, it general include animal protein (beef, chicken, pork) and vegetables. I generally make a fresh salad that includes ice burg lettuce, carrots, tomatoes, avocados, and Caesar dressing. As usual, I drink only pure filtered water.

After Dinner Snack

I always have the same after dinner snack around 9 PM. A bowel of plain Greek yogurt (no added sugar) with fresh strawberries and blue berries. I drink water.

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