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Nutrition Plan Half Marathon

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Running Nutrition Experience

In my first half marathon, my nutrition plan failed. I decided to run according to how I felt on race day, and my nutrition plan was based on running at a 9-minute 30-second pace per mile. However, I ran at a much faster pace. This high-intensity running depleted my sodium and potassium stores much faster. As a result, I suffered a muscle strain/cramp.

My mistake was running too hard and not having adequate nutrition. Since this was my first half-marathon, I didn’t know what to expect. I ended up with a painful muscle pull in my left calf. Inadequate sodium and potassium intake may have been a contributing factor.

Going into this race I had eaten a banana and water for breakfast. During the race, I only had four G-performance gels and two 8-oz water containers. Each gel has 100 mg of sodium. I took the first gel 15 minutes before the race started. My second gel was taken at 30 minutes (4 miles) and my third gel at 60 minutes (7.5 miles).

My last gel was to be taken at 90 minutes. Unfortunately, I got a painful muscle strain at 1 hour 18 minutes (9.6 miles). At this point, I only had taken 300 mg of sodium, and I may have needed more sodium before this time.

Improved Nutrition Plan for Half Marathon

I plan to implement a new nutrition plan for my second half marathon. Instead of consuming only 4 gels, I will consume 6 gels. Furthermore, I will consume the first gel 15 minutes before the race, and the remaining five gels at every odd mile starting at mile 3. For additional sodium and potassium intake, I will consume two 8-oz bottles of G-performance instead of water at miles 4 and 8.

By mile 5, I will have taken 3 gels (300 mg) and an 8-oz bottle (200 mg) for a total of 500 mg of sodium. At 8:23 pace per mile (1 hour 50-minute finished time), I will have run just over 7 miles in 60-minutes. Then at mile 9, I will have taken 900 mg of sodium. Finally, at mile 11 (92 minutes) my total sodium intake will be 1,000 mg.

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