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Polar Heart Rate ZoneLock

Polar Vantage M Watch heart rate ZoneLock

Polar Heart Rate (HR) devices have five zones (1-5) and using a Polar watch you can ZoneLock the current HR zone. For example, if you run in HR Zone 3, press and hold the START button to ZoneLock zone 3. Learn how to lock and unlock heart rate zones.

Time needed: 1 minute

How to Heart Rate ZoneLock your Polar Watch?

  1. Select a Sport Profile such as Running

    Press the BACK button and the “Start Training” button. Then scroll through available Sport profiles.

  2. Press the START button to start recording

  3. After your heart rate reaches the target HR zone, press and hold the START button.

    The heart rate zone is now locked. If your HR falls out of this zone, your watch will buzz.

  4. At any time you can unlock ZoneLock by pressing and holding the START button.

Polar Flow ZoneLock Info

For more info on how to ZoneLock the heart rate zone on your Polar watch, visit Polar Flow. After you set up your Polar Flow account, log in. By “your name”, click the dropdown menu arrow and select “Sport profiles.” Then click “edit” under your sport. Finally, click Heart Rate and the ZoneLock information icon.

Cadence Training View

When editing the “Sport profile,” you can delete and add new “Training Views” on your Polar watch. There’s not much elevation in Florida, so I deleted that training view. Since I purchased a Polar Stride Sensor, I added a training view that shows average and current running cadence.

7 Mile Training Run

I ZoneLock my Polar Vantage M watch in heart rate zone 3. Then I change the training view to cadence. I increase my cadence and my watch vibrates. Changing the view back to heart rate, I have entered zone 4. To keep my heart rate inside zone 3, I reduce my cadence.

My first three miles I ZoneLock in HR zone 3. At mile two, I drink 8 ounces of G-endurance. Then at mile 3, I take HUMA energy gel with 50 mg of caffeine and start interval training.

After resting for three minutes, I increase my heart rate and ZoneLock in HR zone 4 for the next 7 minutes. Then my watch vibrates at mile 4. I unlock zone 4, slow down, and drink another 8 ounces of G-endurance.

I repeat this process for miles 5, 6, and 7. Looking at the Polar Flow session analysis, I discover my pace increases when I lengthen my stride while keeping the same cadence.

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