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Polar Stride Sensor

Polar Stride Sensor

The polar stride sensor attaches to the laces of your running shoe and measures your stride. You can pair this Bluetooth smart device to the iPhone Polar Beat app or your Polar Grit or Vantage watch. When I started running, I used the Polar H10 heart rate monitor and my iPhone with Polar Beat app. After carrying my iPhone for a couple of months, I invested in a Polar Vantage M watch.

Pairing Polar Stride Sensor to Polar Watch

Time needed: 1 minute

Bluetooth pairing Polar Stride Sensor to Polar Watch

  1. Press BACK button

    With a Polar watch on your left wrist, the button is on the left bottom.

  2. Press the lower right button to scroll through menu and select settings

  3. Select General Settings

  4. Select Pair and Sync

  5. Select Pair sensor or other devices

  6. Physically place the watch close to the stride sensor

After you pair the sensor with your Polar watch, you can calibrate your stride sensor.

Calibrating Polar Stride Sensor with Vantage Watch

I recommend you manually calibrate the sensor by running a known distance and setting the correct lap distance. First, on your Polar watch select the sport profile. For example, select running. Wait for your watch to sync with your sensor (it will light up green when ready). Then press the LIGHT button to enter the Quick menu and choose Calibrate stride sensor > Calibrate by running. You will see a message that the distance must be more than 400 meters. After this message, you will need to press the BACK button to return to the training session display.

You are now ready to start running to calibrate the sensor. I suggest running on a track and running two laps 800 meters. At the starting line, press OK to start recording. When you finish the distance, press OK mark the lap. Then set the lap distance (.50 miles). The sensor is now calibrated.

Polar Flow

Using the Polar Flow with your Polar watch allows you to customize sport profiles. For example, you can customize the pace zones of the running profile. You can set the lower and upper pace limits for five zones.

With Polar Flow, learn how to add a Cadence Training View to your Polar watch and ZoneLock your heart rate.

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