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Push Up Challenge

Push up challenge man

Perform as many push-ups as possible in two minutes to challenge your upper body endurance strength. Watch the EnduraMan video for a push-up demonstration:

Push-Up Performance Standards

The Navy Physical Readiness Test has the following push-up performance standards for males ages 50-54:

  • Outstanding: 59 – 64
  • Excellent: 49 – 53
  • Good: 30 – 43

Less than six weeks before his 50th birthday, Brian Kondas performed 50 repetitions in under two minutes. How many push-ups can you perform in two minutes? Take the push-up challenge!

EnduraMan Fitness Test

If you can perform at least 20 push-ups, you qualify to take the EnduraMan Fitness Test. Brian is a Class 4 Competitive Enduraman. What’s your EnduraMan class? I dare you to take the test and discover if you’re fitter than a 50-year-old.

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