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Running Experience

Brian Legs calf

My first half marathon running experience was painful yet positive. I ran faster than expected. However, I pulled my left calf muscle at mile 9.6 and my pace slowed considerably. On the positive side, I completed my half marathon in under two hours, finishing in 1 hour and 54 minutes.

As a result of my calf injury, I took 7 days off. I walked but did not run the first week after the half marathon. Then I ran a slow (light-intensity) long run on Sunday morning on October 24, 2021.

My First Run After My First Half Marathon

When I started running, I felt a slight discomfort in my left calf. However, during the entire 90-minute run, I felt no pain. According to the Polar Flow app, 86% (1 hr and 16 min) of my run was in heart rate (HR) zone 2 (104 bpm and 121 bpm). I ran slowly at an average pace of 12 minutes per mile and completed 7.4 miles with an average HR of 114 bpm.

My Second Painful Run

Today Monday, October 25, 2021, I experienced running pain. I increased my running intensity to heart rate (HR) zone 3 (121 bpm to 137 bpm). First, I warmed up for ten minutes in HR zone 2. According to the Polar Flow app, my warmup was complete in .87 miles. My moderate-intensity run began at mile two with a pace of 9:37 min/mile. My second-mile pace slowed to 10:13 min/mile, and at mile 2.75 I felt a pain in my left calf muscle. Then at mile 3, the pain became severe and I stopped running.

Fortunately, I was only half a mile away from my home. I walked 800 feet. Then I slowly jogged for a bit. The pain was still there so I slowed down to a walk. It started to rain as I crossed the street and entered my house.

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