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Running Faster – Training Run #5

Brian Running Faster

On my fifth training run, I run faster in heart rate zone 4 and test how my left calf muscle feels at this high-intensity running pace.

It’s November 2, 2021, and only twelve days away from my second half marathon race at the St. Pete Run Fest. My last (4th) training run since my first half marathon was two days ago on Halloween night. I had run pain-free at a moderate heart rate (HR) zone 3 for 50 minutes. Now, it’s time to test my legs at running faster.

Nutrition Plan

Before I start my fifth training run, I prepare my hydration belt by filling up two 8 oz bottles with G2. Gatorade 2 has half the sugar as regular Gatorade.

As I run the first mile in HR zone two, I drink 8 ounces of G2. My plan is to increase my pace to HR zone 3 in the second mile. Then run in HR zone 4 for the third mile. After mile three, I will drink my second 8 oz of G2.

Hydration Belt
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So Far So Good

Everything is going to plan. I run my first mile at a slow 11:01 warm-up pace with an avg. HR of 116 bpm (zone 2). At mile two I increased my pace to 9:36 with avg. HR of 131 bpm. I’m feeling good these first two miles.

Cheetah Running Fast

Running Faster

At mile three, I run faster and enter HR zone 4. Soon after, my left calf muscle begins to tighten. I keep running at a 9:05 pace with avg. HR of 139 bpm. At the end of mile three, my left calf feels like a tight ball. Then I slow back down to HR zone 3 and drink my second 8 ounces of G2 over the next half mile.

Training Run Ends

Since my calf muscle hurts, I stop my training run at 3.57 miles, finishing in 37 minutes. I plan to take a rest day for tomorrow. Running hard for my second half marathon does not seem possible. However, I feel I could run my next half marathon at a 9:30 pace and finish in 2 hours and 4 minutes.

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