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Running in Florida Rain

Brian Kondas

Watch the video of Brian Kondas running in the rain in Palm Harbor, Florida.

Running in the rain I got completely soaked. My shirt, swimming suit, jockstrap, shoes, and socks. In the video, you can hear the thunderstorm and the heavy rain. When I finished my run, I removed my clothes. Then I removed my shoelaces, shoe inserts, and washed them in the washing machine.

It’s important to wash your expensive running shoes especially after they become soaked with gray water. Dirty wet shoes can breed bacteria. Thus, after I washed my shoes, I put them in the dryer. By cleaning your shoe often, they will last longer.

When it’s a running day and the rain is falling, you have a choice to make. Do you choose to run another day or run in spite of the rain? I chose running in the Florida rain.

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