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Running Vacation on Cruise Ship

Running Vacation on Cruise Ship

I took a running vacation on a cruise ship. Our 2021 anniversary cruise departs on December 11 and returns on December 19. My wife and I celebrate nine years of marriage on our first cruise to the Panama Canal. I train 4 days out of 8 vacation days.

My training starts on vacation day two with 30 minutes of strength (body-weight and machines) and 30 minutes of high-intensity running. Outside on deck ten, I run laps around the perimeter of the ship. After running for about 15 minutes, the captain makes an announcement.

I struggle to understand the captain. I hear him say the ship’s speed is 25 mph. My Polar watch running session reports my average heart rate at 144 bpm and my pace at 2:43 minutes per mile. Because of the movement of the ship I ran 11 miles in 30 minutes. Thus, my running pace was 22 miles per hour!

On vacation day five, I run an hour outside on deck ten. My running session average heart rate is 134 bpm, a moderate heart rate in Polar Zone 3. For most of the run, the ship drifts slowly so the running distance of 5.24 miles is close to accurate. Then I do 24-minute mobility and 34-minute strength training sessions.

My Running Vacation Continues

The next day I’m running on vacation day six. I start my run at 12:25 PM outside on deck ten. My running session ends after 56 minutes with an average heart rate of 126 bpm. The ship must be moving fast because the distance run is 20 miles! Then I do 26-minute core and 30-minute strength training sessions.

On my final vacation day, I run slow for 91 minutes with an average heart rate of 117 bpm. Lastly, I do 17 minutes of strength and 26 minutes of core training. In these four training days, I ran a total of 3 hours and 27 minutes on vacation.

Panama Canal Video

Watch my video of the Carnival Pride going through the Panama Canal.

Why I Run on Vacation?

Even on vacation, I’m still training for my next half marathon. I will run the Clearwater Running Festival half marathon on January 30, 2022.

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