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Running Warmup

Juliet dog in the rain

My Third Run

Juliet dog water reflection running warmup

Today, my dogs taught me how many minutes I need for a good running warmup. It’s been twelve days since my first half marathon with four days of rest since my painful second running experience. Instead of running alone, I decided to bring my two dogs, Romeo and Juliet, and run with them at the dog park. Running on the crushed shells and sandy trails of Enterprise Dog Park in Clearwater, FL, feels easier on the legs than pounding the pavement.

My dog Romeo loves to play with other dogs. He played with a large Great Dane puppy today. My other dog Juliet (in the photo), is a hunting dog. She runs in and out of the brush and barks at wildlife.

My First Mile

I arrived at the Enterprise dog park at 5 PM. After picking up my dogs’ feces, I started my first mile. I wore my Polar H10 chest heart rate monitor and Polar Vantage M watch. During my first mile, I checked my heart rate making sure to keep it in zone 2.

After about five minutes into this easy run, my left calf muscle began to hurt. Feeling like a tight ball, as if someone had just kicked me in the calf muscle. I kept running until I reached the end of the first mile.

Looking at my Polar watch, I ran that first mile in thirteen minutes. My calf muscle still hurt. So I ended the running session on my watch and planned to leave.

Then my dogs ran over a bridge to the other side of the dog park. I decided to start a new running session on my Polar watch and ran over the bridge.

Romeo dog jumping for ball
Juliet dog tongue out running warmup

My Second Mile

Several minutes into my second mile my left calf muscle stopped hurting. After a twenty-minute warmup run, my tight calf muscle loosened up. Feeling better, I picked up the pace running in heart rate zone 3.

My advice: if you have a sore muscle, give yourself at least a twenty-minute running warmup before quitting. Thank you, Romeo and Juliet dogs for keeping me running.

I finished the second run with a distance of 2.25 miles in 25 minutes. In total, I ran 3.25 miles in 38 minutes. Then it started to rain and we left the dog park.

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