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Spartan Ascends Stone Mountain

Spartan Ascends Stone Mountain

Spartan athlete, Brian Kondas, ascends Stone Mountain on Saturday, March 19, 2022. Having completed my first Spartan Race that morning, I drive from Conyers to Stone Mountain, Georgia. I pay $20 for parking.

Then I record my walk up Stone Mountain on a GoPro 7 using the iSteady gimbal. It’s a beautiful sunny day with blue skies and many people hiking up the mountain.

Hiking Up Stone Mountain

As I hike up Stone Mountain, I meet lots of friendly people. People see the Spartan ribbon and medal around my neck. The first lady says, “Oh, Spartan!” A man sees me and says, “I’m running the 5K tomorrow.” I replied that I ran the 10K.

I am the Spartan who ascends Stone mountain and the narrator of this video documentary. A man wearing a Jamaica shirt walks up the hill shouting Jamaica! Then two gentlemen assist a lady down the hill.

I see a father and son climbing the mountain. The father has a 45-pound plate strapped to his back!

See young kids running up and down Stone Mountain. A father and daughter race down the mountain. Groups of people, including a mother holding the hand of her child descend down the mountain.

Then I speak with a Navy guy who tells a short story about his military service. An athletic person hops from boulder to boulder up the mountain. I meet a hiker with climbing poles and lots of sunblock cream on his face.

I meet a beautiful 23-year-old med student on Spring Break. As she walks up the mountain, and practices for her exam next week with her mother. Finally, I see a Nike girl and an Olympian running down the mountain.

Stone Mountain Summit

Spartan races Sasha to the top of Stone Mountain. I crown him the King of Stone Mountain. However, he says he is “just a humble Duke.” At the summit, I see spectacular views of the horizon. Far in the distance, I can see the Atlanta Georgia skyline.

I meet a family enjoying Chick-Fil-A. Then I see people walking with boxes of popcorn. Turning around I find Spartan kids balancing as they step on stones across a pond of water.

At the very windy summit, I walk into a large building and use the restroom. When I step out, I see the cables descending down the mountain. Then I see passengers inside the SkyRide car as it descends to the bottom. Soon after, another car of passengers ascend.

Finally, I meet a mother taking a portrait of two boys in a tree as the wind blows. Then a big man with hiking poles reaches the summit.

Stone Mountain Barefoot Descent

As I descend Stone Mountain, I speak with a man who says it’s very steep. He also says, “I’ve never done it before” and wants to do it again because it’s fun!

Then I meet a guy operating a remote-controlled truck down the mountain. The owner says it’s a “Cross RC HT6.”

I see a boy named Sterling climbing a tree. As the descent gets steep, I remove my flip-flops for safety. Then I hop from boulder to boulder and run down Stone Mountain.

Learn more about Stone Mountain Park.

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