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Spartan Stadion 5K

Spartan Stadion 5K

Enduraman returns to the Spartan Stadion 5K at the Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, FL. Last year, in 2023, I was unprepared for my first Spartan Stadion. My cardio fitness was less, and I weighed more. This year, I registered in the 7:15 AM competitive heat and plan to finish faster.

This obstacle course changed from last year. In addition to changing the order of obstacles, a sponsored Tonal axe chop obstacle was added, and the RAM weighted burpees were removed. Also, the 511 weighted vest crawl changed. Instead of crawling down and up, Spartans walk down and crawl upstairs. Lastly, the water jug carry moved from a ramp to a staircase.

Spartan Obstacle Goals

The one Spartan Obstacle I had never completed was the monkey bars. I struggled to hold on to the usually slippery bars. In the Super 10K Spartan race, I got close but could not hold on. This time, I would use a different technique.

A week before the Spartan Stadion 5K race, I practiced rope climbing. Attaching an official Spartan rope to a tree at my home, I climbed the rope. For the first day, I failed to climb to the top. Finally, I got my legs and feet placement right and reached the top.

My goals are to complete the monkey bars and the rope climb obstacles.

Obstacle Racing Goal

Last year, I made the mistake of running too fast early in the race. This year, I planned to pace myself, knowing the course takes about an hour. Since I recently trained and raced my first Olympic Triathlon, my fitness is much higher than last year’s. Consequently, my obstacle racing goal is to keep a steady, fast pace so I can finish faster than last year.

Obstacle Experience


I kept a fast pace and felt strong for the first five obstacles. Then, I placed my hands on the multi-rig, and the plastic rings were wet and very slippery. Gripping the ring, I swing to the second rung, but I can’t hold on. My hands slip off the rings, and I jog to the side to start 15 burpees. After completing eight burpees, I’m exhausted. I bend over with my hands on my knees, breathing heavily. I rest for twenty seconds and do more burpees. Stop again to rest. Then, I finally finish 15.

Completely drained from the burpees, I slowly jog to the 6-foot wall and stop to take a breath. Jumping up, my forearms rest on the wall top, and I swing my legs over. On the other side, I see the rope climb. In my present state of exhaustion, I need to rest. So, I sit down on the grass for about a minute.

Rope Climb

Feeling recovered, I walk to the last rope and start climbing. With my rope climbing skills, I climb to the top and ring the cowbell.

Monkey Bars

The next obstacle is the dreaded monkey bars. My plan is to swing laterally from side to side. I’m able to grip the monkey bars laterally with both hands. Swinging to one bar at a time, I slowly progress across. I feel my grip slipping, but I tell myself to keep holding on. Getting closer and closer to the end, I’m going to make it! Reaching the final bar, I swing and hit the cowbell.

Landing on the ground, I raise both arms up into the air, “Yes!” I finally completed the monkey bars.

Spear Throw

I forgot to practice the spear throw. Feeling unprepared, I walk to the end and have trouble pulling the spear out of the target. With the spear in hand, I aim and launch it. Unfortunately, I miss the target and have to do 15 burpees. It’s a struggle, and I have to rest multiple times. Finally, I finish the burpees and I’m totally exhausted.

Spartan Stadion 5K Results

I completed my obstacle and racing goals at the Spartan Stadion 5K. My finishing time was 1:07:25, more than four minutes faster than last year. Here’s my results:

  • Competitive Age-Group 50-54: 13 out of 25
  • Competitive Male: 154 out of 273

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