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Stronger Runner

Stronger Runner

Strength training can help you become a stronger runner. Discover how you can train to build strength without growing bigger muscles.

Get Stronger, Not Bulky

As a runner, you want to be lean, not bulky. Dr. Andy Galpin’s video asserts, “You can get stronger without getting bigger.” To build strength, you want to perform complex movements with heavy weight for a small number of reps per set. The volume per workout depends on your skill level. 

Strength Program

Every set is 1-5 repetitions. A beginner may do 3 to 4 sets per workout. So, total reps are 3-20 per workout. The intermediate program is five sets of five repetitions for 25 reps per workout. An advanced program may do ten, fifteen, or even twenty sets per workout.

A strength program has a low rep volume per set. However, it can have a high set volume per workout. Following this routine will produce muscular strength without hypertrophy (larger muscles).

The heavy weight must be 80% to 100% of your one-rep maximum. When you perform every repetition, your intention is to move the weight fast. You want to deliver each repetition with maximum intensity!

Rest until you feel completely fresh. You can rest for two to five minutes between sets.

Strength Exercises

Strength exercises that include complex, multi-joint movements:

  • Push / pull / carriers
  • Hinges / presses / squats
  • Negatives / eccentrics
  • Isometrics
  • Olympic Weightlifting 
  • Heavy bands and chains

Wall Ball Exercises For a Stronger Runner

The following movements with a heavy medicine ball can make you a stronger runner:

  • Underhand side toss – a rotational core workout
  • Wall squat – isometric training for upper and lower body
  • Toss & squat – a full-body, multi-joint workout

In the video, Brian demonstrates wall ball exercises.

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