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The Brave Marathon Man

At age 47, on October 17, 2021, I bravely speed through the first half of the Best Damn Race. Running hard, I pull a leg muscle. With four miles to go, I struggle in pain to keep moving forward. Pushing through the pain, I scream out loud, “Rise up, and fight!” Embracing the pain, I run hard the final mile and sprint to the finish, completing my first half marathon at 1:54.23.  

Over the next four weeks, I rest and recover from the injury. Running with my dogs, I learn the value of a long warm-up. My run on Halloween night feels good. Then, the pain returns in November. Will I be ready to run my second half marathon on November 14?

At the start of St. Pete Run Fest, I’m uncertain I can hold a two-hour pace for 13.1 miles. Courageously, I stick by the 2-hour pacer for ten miles. Then I speed up to race the final 5K (3.1 miles). Sprinting to the finish, I pass many runners and power through the finish at 1:57:23. At the post-race party, I enjoy coffee, steak, alcoholic beverages, and free stretch and massage. 

I ran over bridges in Clearwater, Florida, to train for a new personal record (PR). Aboard Carnival Cruise ship on vacation, I continue my run training and discover how to run 22 miles per hour! Also, learn how tapering before a race can help you achieve a faster race time. 

In my final half marathon at the Clearwater Running Festival on January 30, 2022, find out how I use Garmin’s PacePro Strategy. 

Finally, discover how fast the brave Marathon Man can run, fighting against freezing headwinds. Does he achieve a new PR?