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Tough Mudder Central Florida 2023

Tough Mudder Central Florida

Tough Mudder FAQs

Is Tough Mudder a race?

No, Tough Mudder is a challenge, not a race.

Does Tough Mudder have penalties?

No, you can pass any obstacle without penalty.

What does Tough Mudder promote?

Tough Mudder promotes teamwork – helping each other complete obstacles.

Do you get a finishing medal at Tough Mudder?

No, you can a headband and a tee-shirt.

Tough Mudder Central Florida 2023

On December 2, 2023, Brian Kondas ran the trails at Clear Springs Ranch in Bartow, FL. He completed 24 obstacles out of 25. The one obstacle he failed was Funky Monkey, it had monkey bars that ascend upwards, then spinning wheels and a hanging bar.

Hero Carry

Something I was not expecting was a piggy back ride. My Tough Mudder obstacle buddy Bernie carried me on his back and up a hill. While I was carried, I told Bernie, “I not sure I can carry you, but I’d try.”

I asked him, “How much do you weigh?” Bernie said, “184.” With Bernie on my back, I moved forward down the trail. Watch the video to see what happened.

Mud Mile

The Mud Mile was the hardest obstacle. The pits of mud were very deep. My height is 6 feet 2 inches and walls of most of the mud pits were higher than my reach. They were about 8 feet deep and filled with a couple feet of water.

I give a Mudder Legionnaire, who has completed many Tough Mudders, a boost of up the muddy walls and he gave me a hand to pull myself out these pits of mud. Watch the video to see our teamwork in action.

Well Swung

My favorite Tough Mudder obstacle is the Well Swung. You leap out and catch a trapeze bar. Then swing up and fly into the air, hit the cow bell, and splash down into the water. It’s fun!

Cage Crawl

The cage crawl obstacle scared me. At first, I wasn’t afraid. I drove under cold water and took a breath under the chain-linked fence. With only a few inches of breathing room, I turned and floated on my back.

With my eyes closed I crawled slowly. Then, water got in my nose. I choked and got scared!

Quickly, I realized I must stay calm. I continued to crawl until… I finally got out.

Arctic Enema

The most shocking obstacle. Arctic Enema is a freezing water pit filled with ice! When I first enter the icy water and dunk my head under the wall, the cold shocks me. My breathing is heavy and rapid. Then I realize there’s a second wall. I hold my breath and plunge under the second wall. My body is now freezing and I pull myself out of the ice pit.

I rest on my hand and knees, breathing heavily and feeling my body recover from this cold shock. A volunteer asks, “Are you okay?” Catching my breath I look up and tell him, “I’m good.”

My Experience at Touch Mudder Central Florida

I enjoyed the Touch Mudder 15K distance. It was lots of fun running the trails at Clear Springs Ranch. I liked the camaraderie of fellow Mudders helping each other with obstacles. Thanks for your help Bernie.

If you like obstacle course racing, I recommend Spartan Races. Discover Brian’s Spartan experiences.

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