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Training Run Half Marathon

10 mile run sunset

Monday, November 8, 2021, is my last 10-mile training run before the St Pete Fest Half Marathon. Starting at the parking lot at Bayview Ave and Drew St in Clearwater, FL, I run West on the Ream Wilson Trail.

It’s 71 degrees as I run my first warm-up mile at 9:40 pace. At 1.5 miles I reached the West end of Ream Wilson Trail at Old Coachman Rd. Then I needed to use the restroom and went inside a porta-potty in front of the Phillies Training Complex.

Having emptied my bladder, I drink my first 8 ounces of G-endurance. Then I run East on the Ream Wilson Trail. My pace begins to increase: 9:13 for mile two and 8:58 for mile three.

10 mile run - first half 4 miles
4 miles on Ream Wilson Trail and Kapok Park

After mile three, I enter Kapok Park to run an extra mile. Then I climb a 10% grade hill and finish mile 4 back at the parking lot.

Refueling for the 2nd Half

10 mile run - second half six miles

At my car, I take a break and drink my second 8 ounces of G-endurance. Then I refill both bottles with more G-endurance. I head West on Ream Wilson Trail towards Safety Harbor, FL.

I’m feeling really good and run 9:08 for mile 5. Then I start to feel my left calf muscle tighten and I slow my pace to 9:23 for mile 6.

It’s now painful to run and my 7th-mile pace slows to 9:55. I reach the Safety Harbor Marina and run the boardwalks. My left calf is hurting badly as I reach the turnaround point. Then I take a short break and use the Safety Harbor Marina restroom.

The Last 3 Miles

Just before sunset, the temperature is 68 degrees as I reach mile 8 at a 10:33 pace. Then five minutes after the sunset, the temperature drops to 66 degrees in Safety Harbor, FL. The temperature feels a little cool as my pace continues to slow to 10:48 for mile 9.

During my final mile, I’m grateful I took 400 mg of ibuprofen before my run. It relieves some of the muscle pain in my left calf. I finished my half marathon training run with a final mile pace of 11:52.

Half Marathon Training Run

The stats for my last training run:

  • 130 bpm average heart rate
  • 1,056 calories
  • Time: 1:39:38
  • 377 ft ascent
  • 361 ft decent

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