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Weekly Mileage PR – 51.9 Miles

Brian Kondas Trail Run at John Chesnut Park

Only 3 weeks out to the 2022 St Pete Run Fest, and my weekly mileage PR is 51.9 miles! I’m 12 weeks into a 15-week half-marathon training plan. This 80/20 Running Level 2 plan requires more weekly mileage than the VDOT 18-week marathon training plan.

In addition to mileage, the week ending on Sunday, October 23, 2022, is also a running duration PR. This week I ran 8 hours and 15 minutes! Level 2 plan training duration is from 5 to 9 hours per week.

Training Peaks Fitness Level

When I started the 80/20 plan on August 6, 2022, my fitness value was only 6. Today, my fitness is 58. This is higher than my planned fitness of 57 on half marathon race day.

Next week, I plan to run for 7 hours and 10 minutes. Saturday, October 29, I will review my fitness level. If it’s not 63, I plan to run an additional hour or more on Sunday.

In weeks 14 and 15, I will taper and lose some of my fitness. During these last two weeks, as my fitness decreases, so will my fatigue, and my form will improve.

New Weekly Mileage PR

According to Training Peaks, last week, my fatigue was 67 and form -20, and my running distance was only 31.9 miles. This week my weekly running distance is exactly 20 more miles: 51.9 miles, and my fatigue is 96 and form -33. I increased my weekly mileage by 63%!

To achieve a 50+ weekly mileage PR, I ran 7 days Monday through Sunday. In comparison, the previous week, I only ran 5 days. Running fifty miles per week is much harder than running thirty.

Training Consistency

During the summer months of August and September, I go to the trails of John Chesnut Park for long, endurance runs every Saturday. On shady trails, I run for 90 minutes to 2 hours.

Consistently training for the last 3 months, enables me to run a weekly mileage PR of 51.9 miles.

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