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Long Distance Running

The Olympics considers long distance running from 3 kilometers (1.86 miles) to the marathon. Thus, to be considered a long-distance runner, you must be able to run at least two miles continuously.

Kilometer FAQs

What is a kilometer?

A kilometer is a distance in the metric system. The Greek prefix kilo means thousand, and kilometer can be abbreviated as km. In long distance races, kilometers are abbreviated as K. For example, a 5K race is five kilometers.

How many meters in a kilometer?

A kilometer is equal to 1,000 meters.

How many miles in a kilometer?

A kilometer is equal to .62 miles. Thus, 10 kilometers is 6.2 miles.

What is Long Distance Running?

Long-distance running is the activity of moving forward with your own power so that both feet leave the ground with each step. Furthermore, the activity continues until your complete a distance of at least 3 kilometers.

Popular running events include:

Half Marathon21,09813.1

In the United States, the most popular race distance is the 5K. According to the State of Running, Asian countries prefer the 10K distance. France and the Czech Republic have the largest number of half marathoners. Finally, Germany, Spain, and the Netherlands have the most marathoners.